Meet Info

Mt. SAC Invitational
Location: Mt SAC
Meet Date: October 21, 2017
Entries Due: October 08, 2017 @ 11:59 PM

Please read the information on the MEET WEBSITE


Entries for the 2017 Mt. SAC Cross Country Invitational are now closed.  
  • If you have not entered and would like to be placed on a waiting list you may do so by emailing Tim O'Rourke.  His email is  You will be contacted if a spot opens up.  Place 'Waiting List" in the subject line.  Include School name, coaches phone number and the number of teams you would like to enter if space becomes available.  No other explanation or details are required.  
  • Questions about the event or our restricted participation levels should be directed to our Mt. SAC Special Events Web site -  Please place the word 'Question' in the subject line
Thank your for your interest in our event.  We look forward to the completion of our new facility in the very near future and to the return to our normal participation levels.



Crucial registration information for this year

  1. Construction of the new Mt. SAC stadium has created some logistical issues for crowd control this year. As a result, Mt. SAC will be limiting the number of schools participating to the first 10,000 or so individuals or approximately 150 schools.
  2. It is important to remember this year that the act of registering your team on this website does not guarantee acceptance into the meet. Acceptance of team entries will revolve around payment of entry fees and Meet Management deadlines and participant totals. Details on next page.
  3. I have read and understand that entering my team on this website does not guarantee that my team will be accepted into the meet.

How to register and then pay to ensure acceptance

Credit Card

  1. Go HERE to pay by credit card
  2. Pay entry fee shown on Finished Results entry info.
  3. IF your credit card payment is accepted and you have paid the correct amount, you are in the meet.  Payment of entry fees by credit card will be the quickest way to pay and receive confirmation.  


  1. You may pay by check and mail to us or hand deliver. Checks should be made payable to “Mt. SAC Cross Country Invite”
  2. Only school checks and booster club checks are accepted. Personal checks are not.  If that is your only option, please bring in or mail us a money order instead.
  3. Checks received via mail or in person will be handled in the order in which they are received.
  4. Each day we will reconcile the number of team entry fees paid on line with the number of checks received in the mail. When we reach the total number of participants allowed we will shut down the on line registration along with our credit card payment option. We will also post to our web site that fact that we have reached our accepted maximum and post the teams that were accepted.
  5. Entry fee checks already in route at the time we reach our limit will be returned via US Mail. Please understand that there will be no refunds of an entry fee once accepted.
  6. PLEASE remember the following:
  • “Registering” your team does not guarantee acceptance into the meet. Check our web site frequently for our accepted list.

Limiting opportunities is not something we enjoy.  The explosive growth of the event in the last 15 years or so has been overwhelming and rewarding.  The new stadium is going to be a wonderful facility and we cannot wait for it to be completed.  In the meantime, we all have to deal with the reality of building a facility of this scope. Growth brings growing pains.  This year to be safe and provide a quality experience for all who do attend construction has forced us to place some limits on our participants.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.  We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back to Mt. SAC’s beautiful, brand new, Hilmer Lodge Stadium in the very near future.

Doug Todd, Mt. SAC Special Events Director, 909 274-4840



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